Three Beliefs You Need for a Successful Side Hustle | Humpday Hustle - Week 2

Starting a business is 50% making your own luck and 50% believing you can do it.

[What is I fail] seemed WAY more probable than “What if I succeed?”

When I was launching my business, I was paralyzed with doubt. I thought what if:

  • I am not good enough?

  • People figure out it’s not that difficult to take nice photos of themselves? It seems relatively easy to me.

  • The only way I get clients is by offering SUPER cheap sessions and I can’t make money?

  • I die shriveled up at my computer editing photos with cobwebs in my bank account?

All of these seemed WAY more probable than “What if I succeed?” To get past these negative “what ifs” I had to make these three critical mindset shifts to move my energy towards building the career I wanted.

First, just because it’s easy for you, does not mean it’s easy for everyone.

If you are good at something, it seems like the easiest thing in the world to you. You are unique in that, other people are not good at the same things you are! Stop feeling guilty about charging money in exchange for something you think is “simple.” It is NOT simple to everyone!

Photo by Brooke Morgan Studios <3

Photo by Brooke Morgan Studios <3

Second, your skills are worth exchanging for money.

Quit giving all your talent to the world for free. Quit doing what you are good at for free.

People have always wanted to ask for your help with something, but they didn’t because they didn’t want to impose. They would rather pay you for your unique talents than feel in debt to you.

Third, community is greater than competition. Keep your shit sustainable and work toward the good of the profession. YOU ARE WORTH IT.

I will not grow my business by undercutting my competition. After my first 3-5 sessions, I began charging at rates that reflected my cost of doing business as well as the market rate for my services. I was not going to build my business on the premise of being the “cheap” or “affordable” person. I believe that my side hustle can evolve to be my career, and I believe in community over competition. I do not undercut other artists in my area.  

What else? What mindset shifts are you making in your life to grow your business? Let me know below, loves.

Kallistia Bilinsky (Tia), is a wedding and elopement photographer based out of New Orleans but travels world wide. She lives for capturing her clients in their most natural state of happy and her specialty is making  (1).jpg

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