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It’s pretty safe to say that New Orleans is Kevin and Heather’s favorite city. When Kevin was planning to propose to Heather, he knew it had to be a French Quarter proposal. The couple visits the city often and has a family of friends who spend their evenings and weekends at a dive bar nestled on Toulouse Street.

Kevin and Heather have a tradition. Every time they visit New Orleans, they take a picture of their feet next to the iconic street tiles of Toulouse Street. Kevin knew he wanted to include their family of friends in the proposal and planned to get everyone outside for a street-tile photo where he would pop the question.

They all lined up, and I offered to take a “phone photo” of the group. (I quickly put the phone in my pocket and took out my DSLR!) Kevin bent down to “tie his shoe.” In a flash, he was looking directly at Heather, ring in hand, and asking her to marry him. She said yes!!

Even with all their friends around, on a busy street in New Orleans, in that moment, I could feel the world melt away as they embraced each other and prepared to take that next step in life.

Congratulations you two!!

Funny side story about these clients: Kevin posted on Thumbtack, a popular site for finding professionals to fill a service, that he wanted to “propose to his gf with all of his friends at the Molly’s on Toulouse.” My sister lives in New Orleans and spends her evenings at that same bar. I figured she MUST know this Kevin character and I gave her a call. That went something like this

Me: Hey, Mel! Do you know a Kevin who hangs out at Molly’s?

Melanie: Yeah, I know Kevin why?

Me: Does he have a significant other?

Melanie: Yeah he has a girlfriend. I think he is proposing to her soon! Why?

Me: Yes!! That must be him! He is looking for photographer to capture the proposal!

Melanie: Oh, no way! I’ll connect you two!

It worked perfectly that he knew my sister because when we all went to the bar before the proposal, I blended in perfectly!! My sister is in some of the photos. She’s the tall, dark-haired one with bangs and a high bun! Heather had no idea I was there to photograph, and it was perfect.

I love helping plan and photography surprise proposals, If you know anyone who is about to propose, send them to my contact page! <3

Kallistia Bilinsky (Tia), is a wedding and elopement photographer based out of New Orleans but travels world wide. She lives for capturing her clients in their most natural state of happy and her specialty is making  (1).jpg

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