Three Questions to Find Your Side Hustle | Humpday Hustle - Week

Are you trying to figure out what side hustle you should pursue? Do you have a million ideas? Or no ideas but not really sure how calm the squirrels in your head long enough to actually pursue something? I know the feeling!

“Find something you LOVE, that you are GOOD at and that solves a problem for other people. ”

My 2017 New Year’s resolution was to “make money doing something creative.” I had spent years thinking about starting a side hustle but always gave up or got distracted with life. 2017 was going to be my year! I was finally going to get going and make some money on the side. Then, Mardi Gras happened, and then it was Spring, and then Summer! Throughout all of those seasons I was still sitting there wishing I had a side business, but I was too “busy”. October rolled around, the smell of pumpkin spice filled the air, and I decided to get my ass in gear. It finally clicked for me when I sat down and spent time reflecting on these questions.

  1. What are you good at?

  2. What would you do even if you made ZERO money?

  3. Which of the things that meets both of these question solves a problem for another person?

If a hobby or an interest can meet those three questions, it is a great candidate to become your side hustle!

For me it looked like this:

  1. What am I good at:

    Making costumes, building things, taking pictures, making people feel welcome, planning shit but NOT planning parties, spreadsheets, hooking up electronics, solving problems, wearing black throughout every season, walking my dog every damn day, surprising my wife with gifts.

  2. What would I do even if I made zero money?

    Take pictures, make people feel welcome, plan shit, wear black throughout every season, walk my dog every damn day, surprise my wife with gifts.

  3. What things from that list solve a problem people have?

    Taking pictures - people need and want great images of themselves. I can provide that service.

It’s as simple as that. Find something you LOVE, that you are GOOD at and that solves a problem for other people. Once you have these three things in place, you’re ready to start turning the wheels to grow your business.

Kallistia Bilinsky (Tia), is a wedding and elopement photographer based out of New Orleans but travels world wide. She lives for capturing her clients in their most natural state of happy and her specialty is making  (1).jpg

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