Fontainebleau State Park Wedding - New Orleans Wedding

"Why did you choose to get married on the North Shore?" I asked suspiciously. New Orleans is one of the most popular wedding destinations in America so when a New Orleans couple like Tim and David chooses to get married outside of the city I am always curious. 

"We spent one afternoon in Fontainebleau State park at sunset, and it was the first time both of us could actually picture our wedding." 

This couple had a clear vision of their marriage, the relationship they had together, but when it came to planning the actual party, they wanted it simple, sweet and true to themselves. Fontainebleau was the perfect backdrop to begin their marriage.

The ceremony started as two trumpet players summoned us to walk along the trees, through a field and over to the lake. As we neared the pavilion over the water, the grooms started singing along but the wind was too strong to hear. As we neared I began to make out the words:

". . . oooh waa ooooh double feature
Doctor X will build a creature. . ." 

we were all walking down the aisle to Science Fiction Double Feature from Rocky Horror! As soon as we all realized the song, everyone joined the sing along. (If you don't know this song, do yourself a favor and give it a listen :) 

Once the song concluded, we all laughed and cried as these two exchanged vows and made it all official. I am continually humbled by the couples I get to work with and how lucky I am to be able to document their day.