Matt and Carly - Engagement Session on The Fly

Last March Matt invited Carly for a date night on the Fly,  their favorite park and an iconic New Orleans site along the Mississippi. When Carly arrived she could tell that something was a bit different, there was wine, there was cheese, it all seemed fancier than normal. That night, Matt asked Carly to be his parter forever, to be his wife. She said yes. 

I have know Carly for years and remember sharing in the joy with her after that big night. The two of them were glowing with excitement. 

Exactly one year after, we returned to The Fly for another sunset to take some photos. The sky was cloudy as a stormed brewed in the distance. Matt and Carly are two of the best people I know and I am SO grateful I got to share this evening laughing, being goofy, and capturing some beautiful images while we were at it! As sun dipped below the horizon, we lost our usable light for photos, it started to rain and we called it a day.