Cape Town Wine Country


            Did you know that South Africa boasts a bountiful wine region? In fact, there are several. I was fortunate to tour Stellenbosch at the beginning of the month. The lush landscapes and rich reds made the perfect setting for some portraiture.

            We toured five wineries in Stellenbosch and just barely brushed the surface of what the region has to offer. South Africans are especially proud of their red wines, and we quickly understood why. There’s something for everyone. If you don’t think you’re a red wine person, it’s because you haven’t had Jordan’s Prospector Syrah. Or if you prefer bubbly, try Muratie’s Methode Cap Classique – MCC for short. It’s South Africa’s version of champagne, and it’s every bit as delicious.

            As much as we loved the cheese boards and wine tastings (and we did love them!), the scenery alone was worth the hour drive from Cape Town. We don’t get hills like that in New Orleans! I had a lot of fun composing portraits. Always ready to model, Monica wore a flowing orange dress that contrasted perfectly with the deep greens of the grape vines. Shady patios leant ideal lighting to capture candid moments.

More installments from my South African travels to come.

Photos by Kallistia, writting by my wonderful wife Stephanie Bilinsky 

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