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           The Golden Hour. That beautiful moment when the sun hits the horizon and gilds the whole world. Everyone and everything looks gorgeous. Photographers love it. The Capetonian tradition of sundowners provides ample opportunities to make the most of this brief, magical moment.

            In Cape Town, people like to pass a Friday evening watching the sunset from the rear of Lion’s Head (an area of the mountain actually called Lion’s Rump). This requires two things: friends and bubbly. In our previous installment, we’ve mentioned that South Africa is a good place for both of these things. People could not keep the smiles from their faces.

             The Golden Hour is not a bad time for romance either! Check out all these couples feeling the magic of the moment as they wander through the fynbos plants. The vistas from the mountainside were breathtaking. It was hard not to strain our eyes from staring at the sunset for too long!  

             We were lucky to witness the moonrise concurrent with the sunset. It was just a couple days before the super moon in January, so the moon was a sight in itself. As the sun disappeared beneath the ocean, the city turned on. It was a long time before we could pull ourselves from the twinkling sea of lights.

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