The Day It Snowed


I moved to New Orleans in 2010 after spending my entire life living in Western and Central New York. My home town of Buffalo is known for its heaps of snow and frigid winters, but when I moved to New Orleans I left that all behind in search of warmer pastures. In the past seven and a half years, I've seen nothing more of that northern winter weather than a few wintry mixes. Now, today, January 17th, 2018, it snowed in New Orleans, and it actually stuck to the ground (sort of).

Naturally, I saw the snow, channeled my inner Buffalonian, and took to the streets to photograph. Here I am giving myself a series of pep talks: "You're a tough northern woman." And "You can handle below freezing temps." And "Why have I not invested in a real winter coat?"



 Once I got outside, I soon realized that the "Snow" was a layer of white dust drifting down icy roads. If you squint at the pictures of Jackson Square, you can kind of see the "snow." The freezing temperatures drove people to do what would in milder temperatures be unimaginable - abandon a treasured Sucre king cake in the middle of Royal Street. My dog nearly got a second breakfast out of it. 

Here a few of my shots. Enjoy!

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